The Ultimate Handheld Device Designed To Manage Daily Stress

The vidaBALL® is a handheld device designed to help you manage daily stress and anxiety. It is a revolutionary breath training tool to help you stress less in a busy world.

the vidaBALL®

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A Luxury Revolutionary Breath Training Tool

The vidaBALL® teaches you how to slow down and experience a moment of calm. Our product is designed to help people manage the chaos of daily life.

Easy Self Care 

By practicing mindful, intentional breathing with the vidaBALL®, you can tap into the power of your breath to self regulate the mind and body.

Elevated Awareness and Improved Performance

Through the simple act of breathing intentionally, the vidaBALL® helps to connect us more deeply with our bodies and emotions, enabling us to approach our daily tasks with a greater sense of calm and purpose.

Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Health

Stay Calm, Focused and Energized - anytime, anywhere.

Quick Relief & Easy To Use

Designed for on-the-go stress relief, the vidaBALL® requires no set up and comes with a user guide that is simple and easy to follow- in just a few moments, you'll feel AHHHHH-mazing.



Add a few drops of lavender essential oil (sample included) to the passive diffuser disc and enjoy calming aromatherapy while the using vidaBALL®  or when the vidaBALL® is sitting idle.

Easy User Guide

The vidaBALL® comes with a user guide that is simple, clear, and concise, making it easy for you to get started.  


USB Magnetic Charger 

The vidaBALL® comes with a charging cable with a magnetic tip that easily attaches to the vidaBALL® saving time and frustration but also reducing wear and tear on the vidaBALL® charging port. 

Unlock Calm In 3 Simple Steps


Turn ON the vidaBALL®

No set-up required. Turn on the vidaBALL® when you need a moment of relaxation.



5 Breath Techniques

Choose 1 of the 5 calming guided breath techniques. 


Breathe IN, Breathe OUT 

Inhale and Exhale with the expanding/contracting lights and vibration


The vidaBALL® Helps Support People on the Cancer Journey

For every vidaBALL® sold, a donation will be made to Believe Big, a non-profit organization helping families face, fight, and overcome cancer.

the vidaBALL®

This is a special offer reserved for only a few.  
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